Sztuka jako narzędzie poznawania artystyczno-kulturowej przestrzeni – omówienie prac „Ars inter Culturas”


Jarosław Chaciński


In the current issue of the journal "Ars inter Culturas", scholarly articles have been gathered and arranged into several thematic groups. Most of the issue is devoted to music, its analysis and to musical education, both conceptual and historical studies, as well as research into its effects. The articles in the first section are arranged chronologically, covering musical space from ancient Egypt to contemporary times. The second section includes historical research on music education, from the perspective of both Eastern European and Polish experiences. The third section maintains a multicultural profile, showing the interpenetration of various musical concepts between countries and their national adaptations.

Traditionally, space is set aside in "Ars inter Culturas" for fields that round out the theoretical area of other aspects of multiculturalism. This time, these were texts offering theological analysis as well as in teaching religious education for young people. The last part of this issue are references to other arts – ballet, design, as well as historical and contemporary interpretation of literature, and sport.


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Chaciński, J. (2020). Sztuka jako narzędzie poznawania artystyczno-kulturowej przestrzeni – omówienie prac „Ars inter Culturas”. ARS INTER CULTURAS, (9), 5-10.


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