„Muzykoterapia – rozprawa z mitami…”


Krzysztof Stachyra


„Music therapy - dispose of myths...”

Music therapy is a field that is undergoing intense development. At the same time, as the interest in music therapy increases, there are more and more distortions about what forms of contact with music can be described as music therapy. It is coming to the situation in which either the area of music therapy is significantly narrowing or, on the contrary, all forms of contact with music are attributed to it. The author attempts to explain what lies behind the term music therapy, refuting at the same time myths that commonly exist in the media. He uses this polemic as a background to show the humanistic nature of this form of therapy.


Dane o pobraniach nie są jeszcze dostępne.


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Stachyra, K. (2020). „Muzykoterapia – rozprawa z mitami…”. ARS INTER CULTURAS, (8), pp. 293-304. https://doi.org/10.34858/AIC.8.2019.018