Kultura i edukacja muzyczna. Kierunki zmian – wybrane problemy


Beata Bonna


Music culture and education. Directions of changes – selected problems

The purpose of this article is to present issues focused on transformations taking place in the recognition of culture, including music culture, which justify the need for the introduction of significant changes to universal music education. Currently, we are moving away from the traditional and narrow approach to culture and the participation associated with it, which is incompatible with today’s socio-economic conditions. There is a visible transformation of the understanding culture from considering it in terms of consumption of cultural goods to defining culture as an activity that is a form of socialization through active participation. Today, culture is treated as a specific human living environment and at the same time a union of subcultures in which is predominant in popular culture, while other types and forms of it become kinds of niches. Given these transformations, there is a need to revise the shape of universal, still very traditional music education, which should aim to take greater account of new information technologies, referring to the potential of various ranges of music culture - artistic music, popular music and music of different cultures. It is also important to seek new teaching methods due to the low efficacy of those currently used . All these changes are associated with the need to raise teachers’ qualifications.


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Bonna, B. (2020). Kultura i edukacja muzyczna. Kierunki zmian – wybrane problemy. ARS INTER CULTURAS, (8). https://doi.org/10.34858/AIC.8.2019.012