Edukacja muzyczna okiem filozofów i teoretyków: krótki zarys problematyki


Anna G. Piotrowska


Musical education in the eyes of philosophers and theoreticians: a short outline of the issues

The paper argues that the contemporary model of musical education, as we know it today, has been shaped over a long process conditioned by the general reception of music as a form of art on the one hand, and on the other remaining in direct relation with various pedagogical concepts. The article, as an attempt to highlight the most influential trends affecting the model of musical education throughout the ages, demonstrates how the role of music in human life was interpreted in Ancient, Medieval and Modern periods. The author presents opinions on music and education as articulated by philosophers, pedagogues, psychologists, but also music theorists and composers. Finally, the paper critically discusses contemporary questions that arise in reflections on musical education pertaining to its essence but also its purposes, methodology, etc.


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Piotrowska, A. G. (2020). Edukacja muzyczna okiem filozofów i teoretyków: krótki zarys problematyki. ARS INTER CULTURAS, (8), pp. 177-188.